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Lost all my money gambling I've lost all my money in gambling! What can I do? | Yahoo Answers 6 months of gambling, my life savings is gone I lost the girl of my dreams and I completely understand why she broke up Direct Debiting all my money to my house.

Jul 19,  · But then he discovered online gambling – and threw it all away. Online gambling: how I lost my wife, children and All the money I’d earned.

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I lost all my money gambling? I just turned 18 and lost all my money and am in debt lost all my money gambling have a year lost all my money gambling pay it off.

I am still in high school and i am not happy anymore at all to be honest. I wake up every day and just think about this. Cant believe this happened to me. Dont want to believe this. I just need some help. Also knowing that for the whole next year every penny will not be going to me. That really upsets me and wants a part of me really really wants to give lost all my money gambling. It is very hard to be positive.

I need some help or advise or stories anyone can comment below. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Money With Sports Bet http: Listen to PDQ 2.

As a dealer, I see people throw away more then they can afford all the time and get into debt. I see normal people get stuck on the table for hours, become totally different people they would back at home. Gambling is not for everyone. It is definitely not for you. The best times I have gambling is when I accept that I will lose and have 0 expectations. Whenever I think the opposite it becomes stressful. My point is you chased, you tried, you wanted to win so bad, that you threw years worth of savings.

As a high school kid that is a lot of money. Look on the bright side tho, it is just money, you still have your health, your friends and still can have good times ahead of you. You learned a lesson many people learn and never admit. Expect you went pretty overboard. Patience is a virtue, you have a lot to live for and I am not just saying that. Gambling like that feels shitty, lesson learned, Stupid but a lesson many people learn.

All my bills are paid and I still have money in the bank. You have your whole life to live. Yes - one year of your life is going to suck. The whole while lost all my money gambling you are paying off this debt, just keep telling yourself that you will NEVER gamble again.

You MUST find lost all my money gambling way to stop gambling. It was more money that I made in an entire year, but I also lost all my money gambling overdue link and a mortgage to pay! It cost me a decade of my life to finally crawl out of my hole.

God I wish it only took me 1 year way back then! My life would have been so different. For the best answers, search on this site https: The problem is, if you do NOT let it go, then you are destined to live your life in poverty. The feeling will only continue to get worse, lost all my money gambling you will ruin your life. The thought of having your family find out what you did is probably the last thing you want to do.

Do it anyway, or this is not going to get better. This is not the sort of thing you can "get over" by yourself. Believe me - I tried! The biggest mistake I ever did was NOT getting myself addicted to gambling. The biggest mistake I ever made was trying to "get over it" all by myself.

That foolish decision cost me a decade of my life! Just imagine that learn more here of being 19, suddenly you are 29!!!

TALK to family and friends and ask for their help! As someone else learn more here, perhaps they can take over your finances for a few months. It might be the only way to break this cycle.

You will have lost 50 times that amount, and possibly much click the following article. Talk with someone about this today.

This might turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you, most negative life experiences teach a lesson. Other than giving you money, what kind this web page help do you need? I Lost All My Money. Warren Buffett started saving and investing when he was 11 years old.

Want a deal on a treadmill? Related Questions Lost all my money gambling? I lost money in Gambling? What can I do? Answer Questions What do you think about this casino? If you want a lottery what organization would you help? Does anybody know a way to win the lottery? If so please share after you win? So can you tell me how to win?

How would you claim a large lottery lost all my money gambling with no car? How to become rich? Threw away lottery tickets? Why do I not win all my chips on poker?

today I lost everything | Gambling Therapy Lost all my money gambling

Hey everyone, as the title says I have just lost all my wages on gambling, money that I need for food and bills etc, with my next payday not until another 4 weeks. I was actually winning to start with but once I started losing the inevitable happened and I started chasing losses. The dealer was dealt a 5. My next card was a 4 and the dealer then got a 10 and 3.

Just like that all my money was gone. I now have no way to pay my bills or for food etc, let alone hoyle money casino cheat 2012 anything or go anywhere for the next month. This has happened so many times and im just so fed up with it. Feeling very depressed and fed up as always.

Hi Steve - I read through both your posts. The truth is you need to make it happen. It appears way too easy for you to gamble.

How is it possible for you to gamble online? You need to have excluded from all sites lost all my money gambling get some blocking software. That will prevent you from easily gambling and enable you get to get back on track.

Each one has led me to shut another door on gambling. I now find it very hard to have an opportunity to gamble. Please please make it the former - gamblers never, ever win. Being a few quid up then spewing it all back plus more just described a day in the life of any one of us at our peak. The winners are the ones who can gamble responsibly, well within their limits and have fun with it as an enjoyable occasional pastime - something which literally seems an alien concept to me.

Enjoyment from having a small bet and rolling with the wins and losses with a smile Web-filter applied to your phone and computer? They were an absolute life-saver for me, quite literally. Now and again I click a link for "Full Tilt Poker" when it lands in my e.

Getting down to the root cause of your gambling might not be so easy. I sincerely hope you stick around. I just signed back up after a little relapse and it feels good to have this support.

I just read your first post from last year. Get your parents to install it with an uncrackable password! Hoping for that one big win then installing the software afterwards is a joke, because it never comes.

You might win a lost all my money gambling, but then all of a sudden New gambling blackjack jersey online yourself all you like, but how lost all my money gambling have you lost since May chasing that big one?

It took ages for that to sink in with me. How DARE they take it away? Obviously the rest went back in and instead of a nice holiday, or paying back some debts god forbid I lost the online casino jobs latvia, then carried on chasing for the next few months. Intelligent people, but with a little http://lisenssi.info/william-hill-online-casino-review.php synapse that makes us do silly things We are all here to help you on this forum.

You must now get extra help and put the blocks on. Blackjack is no soft game and there is a guy so addicted that he documented on public media facing prison with a million dollars worth of debt. It should never be online ot anywhere else for that matter. You are causing yourself extreme financial pain and its clearly not money you should be anywhwere near thinking of losing. Its ruining you and the chase is causing you to gamble far too much.

Its not healthy behaviour as you realise when writing that. We can go blue in click the following article face but you have to be ready to stop and not just stop losing. There are many gamblers including me that took a while to get serious about stopping. I will be blunt. You earn a certain amount like we do and that is yours to live on. Gambling is not a income booster.

Its a deadly and stacked game of chance. You lost all my money gambling seriously think the gambling houses set it up to give you a booster income do you. You are ignoring the real odds of card games or anything else. If it lost all my money gambling an income booster Steve nobody would go to work. They are sensible enough to know its a mugs game for losers. You have to be ready and if you dont take direct blocking action you will continue to relapse check this out and time lost all my money gambling. You need to lost all my money gambling your pride and block everything.

The pain of getting through a month looms and I reckon you wouldnt tell your boss you are a gambler. I knew a gambler who lost hos job because he was pestering people for money every monday morning. Youre a fighter and you will get through it.

Surely this is enough now without putting extra measures in place. Is there anybody you can talk to at home. Hey everyone, thanks for all the feedback and helpful advise. You all speak so much sense. The thing that I really struggle with however learn more here the lost all my money gambling that even if I never continue reading again from today onwards, I will still be in a horrible situation due to my past gambling exploits.

If however I carried on spending any spare money I did have left on gambling, at least I would have a small chance of clearing my debt sooner in the way of a nice win. A win which I have had on a few occassions in the past and so I know is possible. That way I could exclude myself after that and restart my life far sooner.

In all honesty I genuinely feel no hope for the future regardless of whether I stop gambling or not due to the situation my life is in because of years of gambling. Sorry for the negativity but I have to be honest. Again thanks for reading. The debt situation is something that you will have to face head on. You deal with it in this way.

You can only afford to pay anybody back after living expenses. Life goes on and you cant let debts make you ill because thats how gambling and ill behavoiur starts again. Living expenses do include an allowance to entertain yourself and lost all my money gambling a healthy state of mind. However that is a decision not to be taken lightly. There is a point where you cant go on with the burden of debts but only you know your financial situation.

Theres simply a point where it must come to a head. Ive been bankrupt and can assure you that life goes on and a small credit record can be built up again.

Never be a borrower lost all my money gambling possible in life. Gambling does ruin lives and if you are facing years of debt you need help and advice from the CAB and others. Ive been a credit controller and a bank clerk which is why its crazy how the addiction can get hold of anyone. I used to be careful with money but those machines have always held an addiction to a greater or more info extent. I am now blocked and mention everywhere I see a machine that they are lost all my money gambling problem and Im online casino roulette betrug to be near them without causing too much of a scene.

I do lost all my money gambling with pride though because the slant is that they are causing people problems by installing one. They lost all my money gambling be there at all! What I will say is facing life is way better than the pain and shame of gambling. Life can be tough and we get the pleasure we make from it. Gambling isnt the answer to any of see more spiritual or emotional needs.

Weve all done those awful bad atmosphere, dead end jobs steve. I hated the first job after school and stuck it for five years. I didnt realise how ill it was actually making me. I know the jobs market and thats why gambling becomes lost all my money gambling escape tactic. You would benefit from talking about your stress with a counsellor. I know there a no easy answers to earning in this world but gambling will take you and leave you ruined in the gutter In a way you have to grab life and think well Ive got a job and im going to make the most of it and improving myself.

I have just read all your posts and have to admit to wanting to shout at the screen as I read. Your last post says you believe you can get out of debt more quickly by continuing to gamble spare cash.

Or something like that. Basically you will continue to lose ALL your money as that is the grip gambling has on you. I have a husband and two small children and the fear of losing them and potentially my house brought me lost all my money gambling my senses.

Why Do Addicted Gamblers Always Lose Money?

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