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What is deposit account? definition and meaning - lisenssi.info Deposit - definition of deposit by The Free Dictionary Trade deposits meaning

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Deposit - definition of deposit by The Free Dictionary https: To lay down or leave behind trade deposits meaning a natural process: To give over or entrust for safekeeping.

Something, such as money, that is entrusted for safekeeping, as in a bank. The condition of being deposited: A partial or initial payment of a cost or debt: A sum of money given as security for an trade deposits meaning acquired for temporary use. Something deposited, especially by a natural process, as: Geology A concentration of mineral matter or this web page in a layer, vein, or pocket: Physiology An accumulation of organic or inorganic material, such as a lipid or mineral, in a body tissue, structure, or fluid.

A coating or crust left on a surface, as by evaporation or electrolysis. Physical Geography to lay down naturally; cause to settle: Commerce codici deposito pokerstars given in part payment trade deposits meaning as security, as when goods are bought on hire-purchase. See also down payment. Commerce a consideration, esp money, given temporarily as security against loss of or damage to something borrowed or hired.

Physical Geography an accumulation of sediments, mineral ores, coal, etc. Chemistry a coating produced on a surface, esp a layer of metal formed by electrolysis.

Commerce on deposit payable as the trade deposits meaning instalment, as when buying trade deposits meaning hire-purchase. She deposited the baby in the crib.

The river deposited soil at its mouth. Solid material left or laid down by a natural process. For example, deposits can include layers of sand and mud left by streams, an accumulation of stones and debris left by a melting glacier, or a layer of coal formed over many years as decomposing plant material became fossilized.

Switch to new thesaurus. To put down, especially in layers, by a natural process: To place money in a bank: A partial or initial payment: Matter that settles on a bottom or collects on a surface by a natural free video slot downloads Ablagerung einzahlen Anzahlung deponieren Einlage.

She deposited her shopping-basket in the kitchen. He casino portal online the money in the bank. She made several large deposits at the bank during that month. We have put down a deposit on a house in the country. We decided we could not afford to go on holiday and managed to get back the deposit which we had paid. The flood-water trade deposits meaning a yellow deposit over everything. References in classic literature?

Satisfied with this testimony in their favor, the girls proceeded to deposit the body in a shell, ingeniously, and not inelegantly, fabricated of the bark of the birch; after which they lowered it into its dark and final abode.

If we can stop it in time, or control it, we are safe; but if we can not, it will carry away the bed and deposit with the rest, and we are ruined again. He was moving swiftly back and forth among the debris of his furniture, now and then staving chance fragments of it across the room with his foot; grinding a constant grist of curses through his set teeth; and halting every little while to deposit another handful of his hair on the pile which he had been building of it on the table.

The house fronts looked black enough, and the windows blacker, contrasting with the smooth white trade deposits meaning of snow upon the roofs, and with the dirtier snow upon the ground; which last deposit had been ploughed up in deep furrows by the heavy wheels of carts and waggons; furrows that crossed and recrossed each other hundreds of times visit web page the great streets branched off; and made intricate channels, hard to trace in the thick yellow mud and icy water.

I may argue within myself, that if I had a deposit at a banking-house, the manners of Mr. Having borne this flattering testimony to the merits of our dwelling-place, and trade deposits meaning incidentally shown this tendency to call me "sir," Joe, trade deposits meaning invited to sit down to table, looked all round the room for a suitable spot on which to trade deposits meaning his hat - as if it were only on some very few rare substances in nature that it could find a resting trade deposits meaning - and ultimately stood it on an extreme corner of the chimney-piece, from which it ever afterwards fell off at intervals.

Richard and Moncharmin, by little Meg herself the worthy Madame Giry, I am sorry trade deposits meaning say, is no more and by Sorelli, who is now living in retirement at Louveciennes: The page has not loaded completely and some content and functionality are corrupted. Please reload the page or if you are running ad blocking disable it.

Trade the Forex market risk free using our free Forex trading What is a 'Term Deposit' Understand the meaning of demand deposits and term deposits.

A transaction click here a transfer of funds to another party for safekeeping. A portion of funds that trade deposits meaning used as security or collateral for the delivery of a good. It can be made by individuals or entities such as corporations. Trade deposits meaning, a person must deposit a certain amount of money in order to open a new bank account, which is known as a minimum deposit.

This amount covers the costs associated with opening and maintaining the account. Depositing money into a typical checking account qualifies as a transaction depositwhich means trade deposits meaning free online slots funds are immediately available and liquid, without any delays. This time period varies from 30 days to around five years. In most cases, the depositor must give notice prior to withdrawing funds before the time limit expires, and there are fees for doing so.

When money is deposited into a banking account, it earns interest. Time deposits, CDs, and other accounts that restrict withdrawals offer a higher interest rate, which allows you to save more money, more quickly. Some contracts require a percentage of funds to trade deposits meaning transferred before delivery as an act of good faith.

An example is the initial margin deposit required for entering into a new futures contract. Deposits are also required on many large purchases for which payment plans are required, such as real estate or vehicles.

In the case of rentals, this is known as a security depositand it covers the costs of any potential damages done der win cash online slots über the property during the rental period, and it is often refundable if the property is returned in good condition.

Dictionary Term Of The Day. Government spending policies that trade deposits meaning macroeconomic conditions. Broker Reviews Find the best broker for your trading or investing needs See Reviews. Latest Videos Welcome to Nashville! Sophisticated content for financial advisors around investment strategies, industry trends, and advisor education. A celebration of the most influential advisors and their contributions to critical conversations on finance.

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